Sunday, April 5, 2009 guilty pleasure

During my engagement one especially boring day I was skimming through the cox cable FreeZone and happened upon some episodes of a show called Bridezillas. After one episode I was HOOKED. Bridezillas is a reality show on the We (women's entertainment) network that features bride's who loose every shred of sanity they have before their wedding and become complete nightmares to the friends and families. It is HILARIOUS the stuff that sends these women completely over the edge. Kyle has watched it with me a few times and each time he says (more then once) "I'm so happy you were not like that. Don't these men realize what they are signing up for???" I agree with him, some of these guys much be completely insane!!

Anyway the show is such a guilty pleasure for me (I am actually watching an episode right now) and now even after my wedding I watch old episodes every Sunday night. The new season starts in June....I CAN'T WAIT!!!

So I wanted to ask all of my lovely readers, what is a TV show you watch religiously but are embarrassed to admit to?


  1. I wouldn't say I watch it religiously, but I love the show The Hills from MTV. I know it's a stupid reality show with a bunch of drama, but I love it. haha

  2. I too am a Bridezilla addict and say yes to the dress lol I also have a small obsession with the show Bones that Gina got me hooked on

  3. Hey girl,
    I tagged you in a questionnaire on my blog! hehe. Just for fun.

  4. I would have to say either iCarly or Drake and Josh. I know I am too old to be watching those shows but they are funny and it brings me back to times when I was little.