Monday, April 20, 2009

Cricut Expression

So let me start from the beginning. About 3 months ago I was watching TV really late at night when I couldn't sleep and saw an infomercial on the Cricut Expression. 10 seconds into the ad I was hooked. I HAD TO HAVE THIS MACHINE! I am a pretty avid scrapbooker and really enjoy putting them together. The possibilities of what you can do with this machine is pretty much endless, so I went online and checked the price. $450!!! no way man. So I put it out of my head and pretty much forgot about it. Although whenever I'm in Michaels I sit and stare for a few minutes.

Anyway long story short I was channel surfing last night and happened upon HSN and saw that they were offering a cricut expression and a Your Story Book Binder for about 425.00 including shipping and tax! So sorry to my frugal self. I HAD TO BUY IT.

It also came with 5 cartridges and assorted accessories, too many to list!

It's comming in two weeks! I can't wait until it gets here!!!!!


  1. My mentor fro EC, Prof Flaherty, has one of these and we scrapbook together!! it is awesooommmmmeeeeeeeeee!!! Like really awesome!!! Hope you got it!