Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NRP I'm a provider!

So I had my neonatal resuscitation provider class today. I decided that I would take the Neonatal Resuscitation class to beef up my resume for potential managers. Also, part of me wanted some real hands on practice so I would be able to better answer the question "could I really do this? do these things to take care of babies?"

All in all I was very impressed with the class, the teachers, and the facilities. I forgot how nice hospitals that have money are. SHARP Mary Birch for Women is located off of the 163 about 10 minutes from my apartment. It is a HUGE BEAUTIFUL Hospital that has a very large perinatal department and a 50 bed NICU....My jaw dropped when I saw it. This is the type of place I could really see myself working at.
1) Large
2) Specialty
3) Women's Hospital

Our two professors represented two major neonatal specialties, one has almost 30 years of L&D experience, the other had around 16 years of NICU experience. Two very knowledgeable women with a lot of good solid advice and tips to offer us. The class itself was small (only 4 people) which was nice because it gave each of us a lot of time to practice with the mannequins and the different equipment needed for resuscitating babies. We took the final exam as a group, because during a extensive resuscitation you need at least 4-5 people involved. I got certified as an Advanced NRP because I need to have the advanced cert for NICU

After that class I still feel confident that this is where I want to specialize. Monday I applied for a L&D job at Scripps La Jolla...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Now work 3-11......I'm going to sleep good tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. congratulations!!!

    good luck with the job application!
    ill let you know the verdict on the nursing application.. letters get sent out soon!