Saturday, January 2, 2010

101 in 1001 List

As promised today I sat down and after a few hours I cranked out my 101 in 1001. Check off one goal for 2010 completed! I had a lot of fun thinking about how good it will feel to check each thing off the list.

101 in 1001

Start Date: Sunday January 3rd 2010
End Date: Sunday September 30th 2012

1) Get a Passport
2) Travel to Europe
3) Take a last minute Vacation
4) Go to Disney World
5) Visit the Midwest
6) Start a newlywed map
7) Surprise my parents with an impromptu visit

Take my Picture
8) Get paid for a photo shoot
9) Take 3 more Photography Classes
10) Shoot a Wedding
11) Go to a photo conference
12) Clean out my photo files on my computer, organize them and back up all my photos on CD’s.
13) Start a Photography Website
14) Update my Camera Equipment
15) Learn to Cut my own matting
16) Have one of my pictures framed in every room of the house
17) Start a 365 project. Be as consecutive as possible.

Family is Everything
18) Call my in-laws myself twice a month (66)
19) Get my brother out for a visit, without my parents.
20) Talk with my sister-in law and brother in law at least once a month (33)
21) Write letters to my Grandparents 10 times.

Friends are Family
22) Pick one friend a month that I haven’t spoken to in awhile, call them up and set up a time to meet or catch up on the phone. (33)
23) Host a game night, four times. (4)
24) Travel to visit a friend, special occasion not necessary

Working Girl
25) Get my TNCC certification.
26) Become a Certified Emergency Nurse
27) Get a Job at a Level-1 Trauma Center
28) Start Graduate School
29) Join a Nursing Committee at work

In the Kitchen
30) Take a cooking class
31) Buy a complete Le Cruset set
32) Try two new Recipes each month (66)
33) Host 5 Dinner parties
34) Buy a new dining room set

Little Rhody Girl
35) Get a Blog Re-design
36) Still have an Active posting habit
37) Develop a Weekly post
38) Do a giveaway
39) Design a Blog Button

Girls just want to have fun
40) Go to Las Vegas with just the Girls
41) Host a Girls Night in
42) Have a date night with Kyle at least once a month (33)
43) Watch 101 movies that I have never seen before
44) Finish all the seasons of LOST

These are a few of my favorite things
45) Buy a New Macbook Pro
46) Get a copy of Photoshop CS
47) Buy a Kooba Handbag
48) Get a Bose stereo

Health and Fitness
49) Enroll in Yoga, go weekly for a month at least
50) Start Spinning
51) Complete the couch to 5-k plan
52) Run a 5-k race, and finish it.
53) Buy a pair of Reebok Easy-Tones.
54) Eat Vegetarian for a month
55) Get a massage
56) Get a facial
57) Start taking a folic acid supplement
58) Do the 30 day Shred, every day for 30 days.

Artsy – Craftsy
59) Complete a full size quilt
60) Learn to make my own stamped jewelry
61) Finish my wedding Scrapbook
62) Re-pot my plants
63) Start a vegetable garden
64) Start a fish tank

Music of the Night
65) Join a Church Choir (hopefully a bell choir too)
66) Join a Civic Band
67) Go home for an alumni marching band event
68) Go to a DCI Final
69) Go see a musical on Broadway
70) See an Opera, (like a real one)

Home is Where the Heart is
71) Invest in property
72) Redecorate two rooms from scratch
73) Buy a new bed
74) Buy a new living room set
75) Invest in some art

Experiences to the Extreme
76) Go parasailing
77) Ride on a Zipline
78) Go out on New Year’s Eve
79) Try Snowboarding again
80) Ski a black diamond run all the way without falling
81) Go to Comicon
82) Try Surfing

Great is My Faithfulness
83) Read the bible (the whole thing)
84) Complete a year of devotionals 5 days a week
85) Join a church committee
86) Take a bible study class
87) Be a Lay Reader

(my husband’s) In the Navy!!!
88) Become more active with the Officer’s Wives Group
89) Host a Navy wives get together
90) Find a true friend in another Navy wife
91) Get though another Deployment

Money Makes the World Go Round
92) Double the money in our Roth IRA
93) Start a Vacation Savings Account
94) Start a Savings Jar, put in one dollar a day for the duration of the project.
95) Save all loose change in the same place, roll it once a month and add it to the Savings Jar.

96) Make a list of 1001 things that make me happy
97) Make another list of 101 things that make me sad and burn it
98) Read an average of 1 book a month (33)
99) Volunteer for 101 hours
100) Go for an entire week without twitter, texting and use my phone just for phone calls.
101) Donate $2 to charity for every item not completed on this list.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Long time no see!!! So I read over your list and I think I can help with a few items...

    First #13 (photography website) check out I set up a site there, pretty easy to use, good layouts available, and I used mine for photography (though mine won't go public until I actually take more pictures!).

    Second #46 (photoshop) I have photoshop for Mac, and I believe you've asked me numerous times for photoshop for PC and I keep failing on you. If you're still looking let me know. I'll help you out as best I can. Sorry!

    Third (and Fourth) #10 and #24 (shoot a wedding and travel to visit a friend) I can help you kill two birds with one stone there. Expect my wedding to be September 2012 (but shhh, we're not telling anyone for a long while still). ;-)

    Shoot me a txt sometime, except during the week you're working on #100, lol, and I'll ttyl.