Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Oreo

My mom called me this afternoon to tell me that my brother's cat was put to sleep today, she was 13 years old.

My brother got Oreo when my parents bought our house in 1997. She was always, well, kind of stand-offish as far as cats go, but she was a good cat and a wonderful companion for my brother. She was different, not the typical cuddly "oh oh pet me" kind of cat, but she loved to be with us, and we loved to have her around. She always slept with my brother at the foot of his bed, and the few times that she would want to cuddle with us I remember the silky softness of her long black and white fur very well.

My mother told me that over the past two weeks Oreo (who had been a big cat all her life) started loosing weight at a pretty dramatic rate. Two days ago she stopped eating all together. Today when my dad took her into the Vet they told him that she was in end stage Kidney failure and there was nothing they could do. She had never been sick a day in her life. A couple of hours later she was gone.

I was so shocked by this news. I was home myself just last week! I saw her! She did look thinner then I remember but she never looked like she was sick or in pain...It was pretty difficult for me to process this news.

I am sure most of you have delt with loss in your life of one form or another, but I believe that there is a significant and unique loss that a person can only feel with the loss of an animal. It is impossible to describe to someone who doesn't have pets, who haven't been blessed by their unconditional love and compainionship.

I, along with my family, all loved Oreo and we all will miss her dearly. The sudden shock of this unexpcted loss kind of knocks the wind out of you, but also makes you think of how great the gift is of a pet's love. Even if it isn't the kind of love you expect.


We'll miss you, Oreo...
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. "
(Anatole France)


  1. aww sorry to hear that Sara. It's always hard to loose a fur baby. :-(

  2. Hello Sara, somehow I came across your blog through another blog. I'm sorry about your cat... I cannot imagine the pain. ((HUGS))


  3. sorry to hear about your sweet cat :( that just stinks :(