Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

To all my Readers,

Sorry I have been MIA for so many weeks. I bet most of you thought I was long gone huh? Well I actually thought about the blog alot over my 3 week-ish hiadus and let me tell you I have some BIG plans for the upcoming year.

So many of the other bloggy girls were so good in keeping up with their posting after their husbands came home. I however, depite my love of multi-tasking, was not able to keep up my posting. Kyle being here made me feel so happy, so complete, that being with him totally consumed me, not to mention the business of the holidays! I will over the next month be back-posting some but I figure 1-1-10 is a good place to just start up fresh.

Here is a short list of some of the Goals I have for myself. I use the words Goals and not Resolutions because let's be frank people, no one ever keeps their New Year's Resolutions.

1) I want to keep up the blog, posting and commenting often.

2) I want to look back on my photography next year and say "wow I have come a long way!" This includes taking another class. (and learning to use the new flash that I just bought with my Christmas money, THANKS to kyle and my Grandparents!!!!)

3) I want to try and cook something new each month, something challenging that I have never tried to make before

4) I want to talk to my brother more often

5) I want to watch T.V. less and read more

6) I want to run a 5-K and not get in last place

7) I want to start to volunteer

8) I want to look into getting my Graduate Degree

9) I want to finish my quilt and start a new one

10) I want to start a 101 in 1001.

There it is, my 10 for 2010.

So for all of you that are still out there in the bloggy universe, I'm still here! So thanks for sticking around

-Little Rhody Girl


  1. These sounds like great goals for the upcoming year!

    Glad that you are back!

  2. Your 10 for 2010 is a great list. Your year is going to be fantastic! I hope your hiatus was enjoyable and memorable. :) Happy New Year!

  3. Nice to see you back - this is how I keep up with you now! Which is kind of sad, come to think of it... Happy writing :) Maybe I'll take some inspiration from you and try to do the same.