Saturday, June 5, 2010

An afternoon at Petco Park

Wednesday Kyle and the other new LJG's (Kyle got promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade or "LJG" about a week ago) had a party to celebrate their success. They got box seats for everyone in the Wardroom/Friends&Family to the padres game, complete with a buffet and a never ending beer tap. AWESOME!

Here are some pictures!




In truth the baseball was a little boring. I like the Padres and I like baseball, but the game was S-L-O-W. In the 9th it was 0-1 Mets. Then the Padres scored, and we went into overtime then this happened. Fantastic...

So needless to say we were both glad we stayed until the 11th inning.

I can't WAIT to go home and watch my Red Sox on NESN. 4 more days!!!!! I made a game date already with my Dad.

p.s. Thank you All for your comments on my new hair. It definitely has taken some getting used to but I am really happy with it! 

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