Friday, June 11, 2010

Kate and Matt are married! - Part I: Getting Ready

My friend Kate (another nurse and a good friend from college) was married on Friday, June 11th to her college sweetheart Matt. I was so excited to be able to make it back home to be one of her bridesmaids! The festivities started on Thursday with the wedding rehearsal at the church. They were married at St. Patrick's cathedral; an amazing old catholic church in Norwich CT. The rehearsal dinner, wedding photos and reception took place at Foxwoods Casino; if you knew Kate & Matt you would know how fitting that was. (I know!)

After the wedding rehearsal Thursday night & dinner at Hard Rock cafe (yes!) all 5 girls gathered in a two room suite and spent the night together, 5th grade slumber party style. It was so much fun talking and giggling until the wee hours of the morning. We woke up around 7 to start showering so we could be ready when the hair stylist and make-up artist got there at 8 am (ugh). I loved watching everyone get primped and proper, and I especially enjoyed seeing Kate slowly turn into a bride....



My two Nursing lovlies! Mary-Beth (gray stripes) and Bride Kate (pink plaid) 



My Friend Mary-Beth NEVER wears make-up and NEVER gets her hair done, 
so I had to get some photographic evidence of this...


My three (out of 4) partners in crime. Bridesmaids Mary-Beth, Nikki (middle) 
and Maid of Honor/Sister of the Bride Meghan.
I think Amelia was getting her hair done during this

This next picture is one of my favorites. I took a bunch of shots of Kate getting her hair done, when she was sitting on a random chair in the hotel room facing one of the dresser mirrors while the hair dresser did her handy work. Basically the entire time she got her hair done she was just studying herself in the mirror. No smile, no giddiness, just looking. All serious, all the time. When her hair was done the hair stylist went to get the veil. When that was placed on her head....that was when she realized herself that she was becoming a bride.....

After that happened the Real Photographer came and I didn't want to get in her way/didn't have the balls to take pictures in front of her (like I know what I'm doing anyway). So I put my camera away and got to my real bridesmaid duties. I helped get the bride into her dress and put her garter on. About 20 min later we were off for more pictures....

Absolutely Gorgeous....


Next: Part II In the Church...

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