Friday, June 11, 2010

Kate and Matt are married! - Part II: The Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony was beautiful. We all made it down the aisle without stumbling and Kate looked absolutely stunning. All of the photos taken from here on out were taken by my friend Laura so they don't get my watermark (since I didn't take them!). It was my first Catholic wedding; the priest who married them was an old family friend of the bride (I guess he was a college roommate of the father of the bride!) and he was great! He cracked jokes and had me giggling throughout most of the service which was helpful (It kept me from crying!)

When I passed Laura the camera I forgot to take it off of creative mode and put it on auto for her; so all of the pictures of Kate walking down the aisle were horribly blurry due to slow shutter speed (whoops!).




They're Married!!!!!



look it's me!



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