Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's RACE day.

Just not MY race day.....well, not yet.....

Anyone notice the countdown on my blog over there on the top right corner? Anyone wonder what that was about? I wanted to wait until today to really tell you. The secret's out

I, Little Rhody Girl, will RUN the San Diego Marathon, one year from today on June 5th, 2011.

all 26.2 miles

you herd it here first.

I have debated really telling people, because that means I actually have to do it. But I know you guys will be a good motivator for me.

So here it goes. I'm committed now.

"If you can run 3 miles you can run 6;
Once you run 6 you know you can run 12; 
and if you can run 12 you can run 15, 18 & 20;
and if you can run 20 you can run a marathon."

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