Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Matt goes to Prom (and comes back in one piece!)

Tonight my little Brother went to his Senior Prom....

When did this happen? I feel like just last week I went to my senior prom!
Can you find me in the pic?

MHS Senior Prom 2004..
p.s. I'm the one in the pink..but you already knew that!
It made me think back on my own Senior Prom fondly. I had a great time at mine! Plus I was blessed with a wonderful group of friends that I had all through highschool that I still keep in contact with today! Just to name a few...
Brian (pinstripes kneeling on left) - talked to him today
Becca  (above Brian sticking her tongue out) - went to her wedding last week. Bridesmaid in my wedding
Scott (behind me) Texted with him today
Laura (holding knee of guy in chair) BFF in highschool (and now) and still really close friend today. She took all the pics at Kate's wedding. So saw here alot last month
Dawn (dark blue) one of my BFFs now (and back then) saw her last week at Becca's wedding. Another Bridesmaid in my own wedding
and of course...
Kyle (I'm holding his shoulders) - I did marry him about a year and a half ago ;-)
Oh....wait....wasn't this post about my brother? Right....
Well....on to the photos!



Mom Dad & Matt 2

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