Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Day of meetings....

So I'm going to just map out my day today timeline style because so much happened I can't even keep it straight

10 am: Meeting with wedding ceremony organist. My organist Ann, has been the organist at my Church at least ever since I started going there in the seventh grade. I worked with her when I was in bell choir in high school and when I was the "choir mom" for the youth choir there my junior year in high school. We walked through the ceremony and I provided her with the list of music that I am thinking of using. She mentioned the use of a soloist and I immediately remembered my friend Chris had mentioned that he wanted to sing way back before I moved to San Diego. I decided to call him as soon as we were done at the church.

Ann and I finalized the music choices and she played examples of them to make sure I was happy with them, and I was! She is so talented and I am very excited to have her play. The we hugged and she gave me a bridal shower gift! YAY

11 am: Meeting with Minister. My Church minister, along with Kyle's minister at her church and my Grandfather (who is a retired minister) are all presiding over my ceremony. (People are joking that we are going to be married three times over!) We went over the ceremony piece by piece and got a rough outline completed. My grandfather will be doing the vows and the rings, Kyle's minister will be doing the opening prayer and My church minister will be doing everying else...confused? haha It will all make sense that day, and it will be beautiful.

1230 pm: quick lunch at McDonald's on the way to the florist. Called Chris and he will be happy to sing at the wedding...YAY!

1 pm: Metting with the florist. Everyone has flowers now yay! My bouguet is white and cream roses, white lillies, hydrangeas and dark purple I wish I took a pic of the example she made for me......damn

2 pm: Dropped by the hair stylist to pay the deposit and book the appointments for me and my five girls

3 pm: First cake testing at fatulli's bakery in Middletown. Fatulli's has made my graduation cake for my highschool and college graduation. It my profile pic the massive cake I am standing next to was my chocolate strawberry cake from my graduation from nursing school. The cake was amazing of course.

4 pm: back at home for a nap

6 pm: out for drinks with my friend Laura, my best friend (and best man) brian also was flying in that night from GA to visit and he met us out for drinks too yay!

1130: ASLEEP

quite the day huh? but now I have a wedding planned!

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  1. lol wow that sounds exhusting. Oh the joys of wedding planning.