Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flight home and LISA!!!!

So today I might the 7 hour trek home, complete with a two hour layover in Chicago midway. That airport is actually not at bad as a thought, I guess all of the nightmarish stuff I have herd about Chicago's airport is O'hare.

So anyway my dad had to work teaching students that night so it was just my mom at the airport. It was so nice to walk down the stairs and give my mom a big hug

then we went outside.....BRRRRRRR I forgot how cold it is in Rhode Island in December! haha 5 months in San Diego has turned me into a total wimp.

I went home and said hi to my dad and brother, then showered the airplane off of me and got into my old 97 carolla to drive to my old local hang out O'Brien's to surpirse lisa.

I called her when I got there and pretended I was on a break from work and called to say hi. She actually went outside because she could hear me and I went over and was like "hey!" on the phone. She looked up and gave a huge hug. It was really nice to be there and surprise her. All of the usual crowd was there. Five minuites after I walked in the door Grace started throwing quarters down my shirt

It feels good to be home.......

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