Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Errands.......25 Days

Today I spend many hours writing in purple ink :-)

I FINALLY wrote out my Bridal Shower thank you notes and designed, printed and mailed out my rehearsal dinner invites.

I made the photo-card thank you notes on Shutterfly. I just wrote a quick thank you on the back. I am going to see all of these people in a little over three weeks anyway.

Even though I have to work for the rest of the week, I have a lot to do before Kyle and I go skiing this weekend. I have to get good ski gloves, that is absolutely essential since my fingers get really cold really easily. Even though we are in southern cali, we will be around snow, which from what I remember, can be quite cold haha.

We are going up early Saturday morning and I am having a lesson before we try and go out together for a half day Saturday then a full day Sunday. Kyle has been skiing a lot more then me (this will actually be my first time on skis) so it should be quite the experience.

When we honeymoon in New Hampshire we are going to ski for two or three days at Attitash which is a much bigger mountain then the one we are going to this weekend. I hope I can make it, baby steps...

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