Sunday, March 1, 2009

At The Church, Pre-Ceremony

Once I was done getting ready we all piled into the limo and drove over to the church. I sat in the back with my dad....on the way over we had a big dance party in the back of the limo, even my dad got down! It was a good way to relax and I really enjoyed myself. I didn't get really nervous until I was standing in the back of the church about to walk down the aisle.

Dance Party!!!!

Then it was on to more pictures........
One of my favorite pictures of Kyle before the ceremony....that is my child-hood pastor. Rev. Tripp with his hand on Kyle's shoulder. Brian told me later that right then he was telling Kyle that it's not too late to jump in a cab and go to Canada! Gotta love Brian
Lighting the Unity Candle..

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