Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flight Home and SNOW!!!!

So last night I couldn’t sleep because I was lying in bed awake wondering what I forgot to pack. Luckily in that session I remembered that I forgot to pack my birth certificate. Which would have been really bad because without that we wouldn’t be able to get a marriage license! So this morning bright and early Jared picked us up from our apartment, and we were whisked off to the airport. 7 hours later we landed in Providence (also known as Warwick) and were greeted by our two mothers. It was so nice to see both of them and get lots of big hugs!

It was snowing pretty hard when we were driving home. Kyle and I just spent the whole ride home gazing out the window with huge smiles on our faces!

The only really awful part of the flight was the fact that I was having sinus problems so I had a lot of ear pain when we were making the descent. I swear at one point I just wanted to rip them OFF!

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