Monday, January 5, 2009

Wedding Picture Location Booked!.....18 Days!!!

I Booked my Location for my Wedding Portraits after the ceremony. Ochre Court is an old mansion located at Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode Island. This is a blub about it from their website

"For this limestone palace overlooking the reddish seacliffs that give the estate its name, Hunt drew his inspiration from the late medieval period in French architecture. With its high roofs, turrets, whimsical gargoyles, and tall chimneys, Ochre Court recalls the style of Francois I, a transitional era when established medieval elements like the pointed Gothic arch and heavy stained glass were lightened by newly-emerging Renaissance details including rounded arches and delicate lacy ornamentation. Inside the mansion, Hunt used details from French Gothic chateaux and churches to create a Great Hall, which soars upward for three stories and dramatically frames a seaward vista. Radiating off the Great Hall, both the impressive ground floor reception rooms and the private upstairs family rooms, which are now University offices, were richly designed with imported antique fireplaces and lavish wallcoverings."

gorgeous no?


  1. ooo I we used to have our chorus concerts there it's beautiful!

  2. This location looks gorgeous!

    P.S. Thanks for the nice comments about my dress :) I added you to my blog reader :)