Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend at Big Bear Lake, CA.....19 Days

This weekend I got on a pair of skis for the first time. I have since learned a few things

1) I can successfully ski without tumbling down the hill and becoming a human snowball
2) Skiing is actually easier (in my opinion) than snowboarding
3) Snow actually exists in Southern California

A few weeks ago Kyle suggested that we go skiing once before our honeymoon so I can get some practice. I have been on a snowboard twice (and spent most of the time on my butt) but never on skis. Kyle, however, has skied for almost 10 years (arg). So this weekend, since we actually both had the same weekend off, we piled into the car with our rental skis from MWR and drove the two and a half hours to Big Bear Lake, CA

Now Kyle told me that there are two pretty large ski resorts in Big Bear, but I was skeptical, after all aren't we in Southern California, land of perpetual sunshine? But as soon as we turned onto the two lane mountain road I felt like we were transported back to New England. Mountains and pine trees, and crisp cold air. About twenty minutes into the drive we turned around a bend in the road, and there was the first patches of snow.

Kyle and I both cheered when we saw it!

We got up to Big Bear Mountain around 11:30, bought half day tickets and signed me up for lessons. I had a two hour lesson which taught me the basics, I proceeded to spend the rest of the day half falling down the beginner slopes. But I caught on quickly, by the last run I was pretty much in control of what I was doing, which pretty much involved going straight down in the wedge (pizza!).

The next day Kyle and I decided to try the neighbouring park, snow summit. Which has more beginner-intermediate (aka Sara friendly runs). With each run I got better and better. By the end of the day I could do large S-turns down the mountain without falling.

Going up the "Magic Carpet" - kinda like a moving sidewalk for skis and snowboards

Photo-op on the Chairlift

Look at the mountain in the background ...gorgeous!

Big Bear Lake from the "summit" of Snow Summit

Pretty Pine tree

Just so you all know, I DIDN'T get any bumps or bruises that will show for my wedding. People at work thought I was crazy for going skiing for the first time so soon to my wedding, but sometimes you just have to live it up!

19 Days till I'm a married woman!!!!

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  1. Yay! I just learned how to snowboard as well - my co-workers and I went to Big Bear on Tuesday. You remember how I don't like the cold so much but I am absolutely in love :)

    Anyways you guys can also go to Mountain High - I'm pretty sure it's an easier drive for you guys. Just take the 15 all the way up and get on the 2.

    Early congrats for your wedding love :)