Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marriage Licence, Hair Trial, Gown, Fur Wrap, Programs...I give up!

Today was soooo busy. In the morning we went to get our marriage licence from the town hall, pretty painless actually. We went in, signed some stuff, viola! We’re 90% married already (all that’s missing is our witnesses signatures and our minister’s signature.) After that I had my Hair trial at the Salon where my entire bridal party is getting their hair done on Saturday. I have decided to go with pinned up curls that are low on the nape of my neck. The picture explains it better I think….

After that we went to Warwick to pick up my dress, we picked up my MOH Lisa along the way. It was good to see her since I hadn’t seen her yet this week. She picked up her dress as well and she tried hers on. I didn’t get to try mine on because it was already pressed and wrapped in tissue paper so it wouldn’t wrinkle. Unfortunately that meant that the first time I will try on my dress in over a month will be the day I put it on to get married!

Lisa feels that if we have to have a complete and total melt down, we might as well have it that morning ☺

So after that we went to Fall River to get my Fur Wrap to go with my gown and came back home to make dinner. After dinner Kyle’s mom came with Kyle and a few friends and we started putting together programs and centerpieces. To my utter surprise and delight all of our projects were finished by the time everyone left.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties tomorrow!!!

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