Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts on L&D

So I am thinking about where I want to go after I am done with my Med-Surge job at the Hospital I am currently working at. Now let me get one thing clear. I have never really wanted to be a med-surge nurse, no wait, scratch that, I NEVER wanted to be a med surge nurse. When I was in college I wanted to work in Emergency, I love the adrenaline rush I got when I was having clinical in that type of environment. But now I am really thinking back, way back, to decide what would be a good career move for me in the long term, after Med_Surge

I thought, why did I really want to become a Nurse in the first place, I never played doctor with my dolls as a child, I never said in High School I wanted to take care of sick people. I wanted to be an engineer. I wanted to build roller coasters, that was my child-hood dream. I got accepted to college as an engineer and once I got there, and realized what being an engineer actually involves, I said...NO WAY! So what was I going to to then? My mom, an RN, told me to just try nursing, to see if I liked it. I did, and I never looked back, until now....

Don't get me wrong, I like being a nurse, I just don't like being a Med Surge Nurse. So what should I do?

You want to know what, in the back of my head I have been thinking about L&D (labor and delivery). I have been wanting to try it, working with a younger, healthy, female population embarking on a tremendous journey seems very appealing to me. I like the educational piece as well, teaching new moms about neonatal care. And of course, no end to the drama of birth and babies.

My hospital actually has a very large L&D unit despite the hospital being a kind of on the small
side. I am thinking of transferring there after I finish my year of Med-Surge (in September, only 9 months from now....arg)

I am now trying to get in contact with some L&D RNs to find out more about what they like/don't like about their jobs.....I'll keep you guys posted....


  1. That sounds like it would be a really interesting job. bringing new life into the world would be so rewarding.

  2. Interesting debate... L&D does sound like it would suit you, but while you're debating, here's another thought... What drew you towards engineering? Granted, you decided NO WAY, but there must've been an original appeal (other than roller coasters?). See how/if you can bring that into nursing.