Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disneyland Saturday - Disney's California Adventure!

Disney's California Adventure opened at 10am and so we got there at 9:30am and we were let into the main entrance of the park. The attendant told us that "Soarin" over California was actually already open so we walked right on that ride first thing! It was amazing! They put you into a row of chairs that they lift up off the ground 40ish feet and infront of a HUGE screen (kinda like an IMAX screen but a big circle) and they move the row to make it tilt and move as if you are hang-gilding.

Stock Photo, cool huh?

California adventure was a really fun park. There was a lot there that they don't have at Disney World (or didn't have last time I was there in 2002) They had lands dedicated to Hollywood, Condor flats, an old carnival pier, and a bug's life. The pier (named paradise pier had a really fun rollercoaster and one of the coolest rides I have ever been on Toy Story midway mania (more on that later...

Kyle and I in front of a movie backdrop


Grizzly Bear Peak

One of the cooler things we found pretty much on accident was the Blue Sky cellar, which was a feature room that showcased all of the cool things that the imagineers are doing to improve the park. Over the next couple of years they are going to add a new land based on the movie Cars, a new ride based on the Little Mermaid and a new water show Called "Color of Wonder." They also had a lot of little exhibits showing how they made Toy Story Midway mania.

Above is the rendering of the Potato Head that entertains you while you are waiting in line. Below is the real thing!

Toy Story Midway mania is a 3-D ride where you are on a car (two to a car) each with a pull string gun that you use for shotting targets in 5 "Midway Style" games hosted by the different toy story characters (Ham Pig has an egg toss game and Bo-Peep has a balloon pop game etc) when you shoot with you gun it appears on the screen (videogame esk) and when you hit certain things they fly at you 3-D style or you get shot with air, water etc. You play against you car-mate for the higest score which Woody and Jessie tally at the end of the ride. Kyle and I went on twice. The first time I won, the second time he did.

Our vote for best ride of the weekend!

Kyle and I sporting our 3-D shades!

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