Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekend at Disneyland! - Friday at Disneyland

So friday morning we woke up around 5:45 (Both of our alarms went off around 5:15 but miracously no one got out of bed until almost 6:00) We got going around 6:15 and made it up to Anaheim around 7:45. The hotel we stayed at was about 7 minutes away from the front door of the park. We dropped our car and stuff at the hotel and arrived to the entrance of Disneyland right when the park opened at 8am. We walked directly to tomorrowland and walked on Space Mountain, a great way to start off the day! We were at the park from the beginning of the day until the fireworks show at 9pm.

Walking into the park

Astro-orbiter at Tomorrowland

Kyle at the entrance to Toontown!

I wanted to get my picture taken with Mickey Mouse so once we went into Toontown we went to Mickey's house. We got to walk through the whole thing and see pluto's bed and Mickey's chair next to his fireplace! So cute. Then they filed us into the backyard and into Mickey's "movie barn" where we can watch cartoons while we wait to get out picture taken. I was the only person there over the age of 6 who wanted to see Mickey but I didn't care!

Toontown fountain


Sleeping Beauty's Castle! (not as cool as cinderella's but still VERY cool) Inside was a neat walk through exhibit about the Sleeping Beauty story

California Adventure tomorrow!

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