Monday, March 16, 2009

I <3 my clarinet

So for those of you that don't know I started playing the clarinet when I was in 5th grade. I kept up with it all the way though high school, I took private lessons and auditioned for all-state. (never got in, my junior year I missed by one seat!) In the beginning of high school I even though about becoming a music major...then I made the decision that I wanted music to be my hobby..not my entire life and subconsciously I put my clarinet on the back burner, and there it stayed for two years..

My sophomore year of college I joined concert band to play my clarinet. Freshmen year I was in marching band and concert band, but I played percussion because they needed extra people. In the spring I even took lessons with the clarinet professor for URI (a great teacher and player!) But Nursing school was just all consuming, and I couldn't dedicate enough time for practice.

Well now I am a college graduate, and I want to start playing again. So last Friday I pulled my old Selmer Wooden Clarinet out of retirement and started practicing again. Once I have a couple of months to "iron out the kinks" of my playing I am going to look into joining a community band/getting lessons.

I am keeping track of my practicing on my iphone, YAY! My metronome is coming in the mail in a few days! (I'm such a dork and I love it!)

Playing the clarinet is something I have always done just for me...and I feel so good about it!

*I play clarinet, so I am the shit*

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  1. good for you. That makes me happy hehe. I wish I actually practiced my frnehc horn still.. I just kind of go and play in American band and kinda make it up hehehe!
    tell me how it goes w/ the community band thing
    miss you love you!