Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NICU.....oOoOoOo pick me! pick me!

My desire is to be a nurse in the NICU. I still remember the day I spent observing in the NICU at Women and Infants hospital in Providence. I was amazed and the talent, intelligence and strength displayed by the nurses there. I have 7 months and one week of med-surge experience and in my opinion that is 7 months and 6 days too many. O.K. so that's exaggerating but I am ready to take this experiance and USE it for what I really want to do. Adults SO IS NOT for me.

There are (that I know of) three large level III NICUs in San Diego i.e. 20 min commute or less. Three of them are at capacity for staffing. That means that there is no job for me right now.....

My goal is to be in a NICU by my birthday (September). Next month I am going to get my Neonatal Resuscitation Provider certification. A first step in the door so to speak. I spoke with one of the Nursing recruiters at SHARP Mary Birch Hospital for Women and they will hire in the NICU in the fall..possibly earlier...

let's see what happens.....


  1. Good luck!! I think you will be spectacular in the NICU!

  2. I MISS YOU!!! Thank you for those comments. It made me feel a little better. please come and visit me soon (within the next millineum please)