Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Kiss!!!!

After we said our vows and exchanged rings, my grandfather pronounced us husband and wife! I love this picture of my grandpa with his hand on our hands. It is a memory that I will cherish forever
"What God has joined together let no one separate!"

You may now kiss the Bride.....
And we're married!!!!!!

After the ceremony we immediately went into my Church's fellowship hall for the Receiving Line. Here are a couple of good shots from Farnum Hall

New Bride and Groom

Me hugging Brian, the best man.
He introduced me and Kyle when we were all 13 years old.
(I was dating Brian at the time ::cough cough::)

My Grandpa Hugging Kyle.....

Me Hugging my good friend from Nursing School, Elise. She moved to NY after Graduation and I moved to CA so needless to say, we don't see each other that often, but we try to talk on the phone every couple of weeks (although I wish it was more) I really miss her a lot, can you tell I am happy to see her?

Me and Mommy!

Originally I didn't think this would even happen considering we did get married in January and it was about 26 degrees outside, but everyone that wanted to pelt us with seeds got to as we ran to the limo, later that night I found birdseed....everywhere....haha
Thanks to my MOH and her Man for stuffing little tool balls of birdseed even the night before,

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