Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cape Cod Day 1

Today I woke up early and we were on the Road to the Outer Cape by early lunch. My Mom and Dad drove together in my mothers car and my brother and I drove up in my brothers/my old car. We are big believers in Toyota cars and everyone in my family owns one (except my husband, but we’ll convert him haha). When I was in college my parents bought a 1997 Toyota Corolla and I drove it all through college, it was my first car. It always got me from here to there with no problems. Now it has about 140,000 miles on it and my brother is having a good time improving it and tinkering with it. Now it has a huge subwoofer in the trunk and a new sound deck in the dashboard.

Anyway we made it up to Cape Cod around 2:00 and met up with my Grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle. We always stay at the Even'tide Motel which is a motel with cottages in Wellfleet, MA. My grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle had cottages and my parents and I stayed in a suite. It was nice and comfy. We went to Arnold's Clam Shack for dinner. It is a Cape Cod staple for FRESH fried seafood....delicious!

I took some photos of the greenery I saw at the motel, I miss maple leaves!


Scraggly Tree


Maple Leaves!


The lobby of the motel from my Grandparents Cottage

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