Saturday, June 27, 2009


Saturday I drove up to Providence to meet my friend Brent for lunch on Federal Hill (apparently the "heart-beat" of Providence, who knew?). This historic street is jam packed with Italian restaurants. They are like Starbucks in Manhattan...there are pasta bars inside bigger pizza restaurants. I mean legit hole in the wall Italian eateries with dark smoky corners that have large Italian men slipping unmarked manila envelopes to delivery boys with whispered instructions on where to make the "drop." -well- I didn't exactly see any manila envelopes but you get the idea.

We ended up at Venda Ravioli for lunch. It is a fresh deli and cheese shop which also has a cafe where they sell fresh pasta dishes. I had their classic ravioli and Brent had their ravioli surprise which is a 6 different ravioli's and each one was different, and delicious!


The outdoor area where we ate.

Brent is a very old and dear friend (we share the same birthday, he's one hour older then me...jerk haha!) I was really happy to see him because is August he is moving to Japan to teach English in a small rural area on the south coast of Japan. I am so excited for him!!!!


Good Luck Brent!!!!


  1. Hey Sara! I'm glad you didn't say anything bad about me, but keep in mind. I am an hour older than you- lol.


  2. whoops...crap i'll fix that!