Friday, June 5, 2009

My Good Friend Brian and his Photography

I have known Brian pretty much FOREVER. He was the guy that introduced me and my husband back in 7th grade (yes people, 7th grade) and he was Kyle's best man at our wedding *picture below*


He had just told me that his photographic hobby has become a real passion for him! Since the beginning of this year he had talked to me about photography and he said that he wanted to start taking more pictures and experimenting with different techniques. Last month he got a really nice camera (Cannon Rebel XSI...nice!) Now I would love to someday get a SLR camera and learn a little more around taking good quality pictures. (for some reason that goes hand in hand in my head with "I want to be able to take beautiful pictures of my babies, when i have them!). But for now I am good with my Cannon point and shoot that kyle got me for Christmas (it's pink thank you very much)

Anyway I am excited to see what he comes up with this summer. I will post some of his work as soon as he sends me some to look at. He did some engagement sessions for one of his friends last month and he is taking some photography classes this summer.

Good Luck Brian!
*I'm like a proud mom haha!*

It's nice when someone you love is happy and passionate about something, in some way it makes me more happy and passionate about life!

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