Saturday, June 6, 2009

Movie Review - The Hangover

Last night I went with a bunch of people from my church to see the new movie The Hangover directed by Todd Philips who also directed Old School. When I originally saw the previews for this movie I passed it off as another senseless guy comedy with no substance that wasn't worth the money to go see.

I was right on all accounts except the last, this movie was absolutely hilarious! Definitely worth the money!

The plot is simple. Guy getting married in two days, Guy and three friends go to Vegas for a night of drunken foolishness, Guy's friends wake up the next morning in a trashed apartment and no one can remember what happened the night before, oh and said bachelor is no where to be found!

The 4 main actors in this movie play beautifully off of each other, and Heather Graham has a cameo as (you guessed it) a Vegas Stripper.

If you have any interest in seeing this movie I would recommend seeing it in theaters. I think that sitting in a theater with 50ish other people all laughing their butts off makes the movie even more enjoyable. Go into to it prepared. It is a GUY's movie, drunk nights in Vegas with everything that goes along with it.

Bring a sweater, it came in useful when I had to muffle my laughter because I was laughing so hard!


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