Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lazy Day....

I don't work today and it is overcast and cloudy so I have been spending most of the day working on my blanket and relaxing. It was my grandma's birthday today and I called my parents then conference called my grandparents to sing happy birthday. It just happened to the the exact moment that my grandma was lighting the candles on her birthday cake. So she got sung happy birthday by my parents in Rhode Island and me in San Diego at the same time. It was really cool.

Cheers to lazy my opinion they are few and far between


Alex crawled onto my lap while I was knitting and fell asleep. I caught this pic with my iphone right before he woke up


  1. I agree I love lazy days but they never seem to come hehe

  2. Your dog is so very cute! I miss mine :( sigh