Monday, June 1, 2009

New Work Space

This was my weekend project. I needed something new to store my scrapbooking supplies and my desk was in dire need of replacement. It came from Rhode Island and even then I didn't really like it. It was one of those computer desktop desks and since I have a laptop there was a lot of unused space. Plus Kyle put a few holes in it when he was putting it back together, but that's another story. ha ha. So ikea got a lot of my money but I am VERY happy with the wardrobe, it has a lot of space, looks good and is really sturdy. I think it will last me awhile. The table was another ikea purchase. I just wanted a large workspace and this fit the bill perfectly.


This is the Wardrobe Closed....


and OPEN!!!!!


Wardrobe and table. My next task is getting a decent chair,
that is a stolen kitchen chair and isn't tall enough

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  1. I am working on organizing my workspace as well.