Monday, June 22, 2009

Flight Home

I clocked out of work at 7:45 Monday morning and my vacation officially begun!

I drove my car over to my friend Jared’s house to leave it there for the week while I was gone. I changed quick at his house so I wouldn’t have to fly in my scrubs. He dropped me off at the airport and I made it through security fairly quickly. My flight was scheduled to leave at 11:20 so I had about an hour and a half to wait before getting on the plane. Unfortunately I was going on 15 hours overnight of no sleep and I was so wired and awake that I couldn’t even close my eyes!

I crashed and burned right after the plane took off and didn’t wake up until we landed in Chicago. I had a long enough layover to get some food then I was back on the plane to Providence. I couldn’t sleep on the second flight and I just ended up reading until I landed around 10pm east coast time. My mom and dad were waiting at the baggage claim, yay! After hugs and kisses and a 20 minute car ride I collapsed into my old bed and slept for 12 hours straight.

Feels good to be home…..

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