Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Rhody Girl, RN in the ED: Triage Observation

This morning I got ready to go to work, as usual. When I went outside and walked to my car I thought to myself "hey, I haven't drove Kyle's car in a while." So I piled all my stuff into Kyle's car and set off toward the hospital.

I was on the 15-southbound, business as usual, when from out of NOWHERE I hear this huge popping sound and all of a sudden I have no control over my car.

I blew my back passenger tire. I was wobbling in and out of my lane. I constantly had to change my steering to keep the car somewhat in line. I almost clipped a school bus. It was the single MOST TERRIFYING moment of my entire life. I (somehow) managed to get across and into the breakdown lane. I just sat there heaving for a few minutes while cars zoomed past. I called AAA and they came a put the donut on my car (I know I know but I was in my nice scrubs and I didn't have a jack, no not "independent woman" but oh well). I drove it at 40 mph with my flashers on across the highway for another 15 minutes. Luckily there is a Sears motor center across from the hospital so I dropped off the car there and walked across the street to work.

I guess that's what I get for being nice and driving my husbands car :-)

So good start to the day...might I add this was my last day of "observation" before my real orientation starts with my preceptor. I was helping one of the nurses, George, in triage which was pretty much the BUSIEST 10 hours I have EVER spent in my LIFE. For those non-nursing folk the term triage simply refers to the order that walk-ins are seen by the ER Doctors. For example a guy who has a cough will have to wait while we see the guy with his hand half cut off. Anyone who has ever worked triage will know what It was like (insane!!!!!!) I didn't know what I was doing at ALL and I was only allowed to assist the RN, not triage anyone (which I was thankful for because how the F** am I supposed to know where people are supposed to go??) I was running labs, placing orders, talking to patients in Spanish, doing EKGs, wheeling patients here and there, giving Tylenol to kids of all shapes and sizes, and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

this cycle continued for almost 10 hours.

First day of real bedside orientation is Sunday from 5p-5a (yes you read that right...someone shoot me now)

Birthday TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Crazy! I don't think I could handle the pace of the ER...I like getting to know my cancer patients!

  2. Welcome to the wondeful and insane world of nursing! I will leave it to you new grads. After 19 yrs I am content to just chat with family members and pass a pill here and there. I lik the slower pace I have in rehab nursing.

  3. I couldn't handle working as a nurse or anything like it. LOL I'm just not that good...