Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stressful Homecoming.

I have been following several Military Wives blogs over Kyle's deployment. It's nice to know that there are other women going through the same thing I am. I was hoping to become closer to the other officer's wives on Kyle's ship but most of them are much older than me, with children. They are all in such a different part of their lives compared to me so it's a little hard to relate. All of them have been around the block once or twice so I guess it's hard for them to remember back to what it was like to be a young newly-wed dealing with their first deployment (hello!)

Anyway many of the girls have been talking about homecomings. Unfortunately the stress of deployment doesn't end when your solider comes home. You get used to living alone for months and months and all of a sudden there is another body in the house, and as much as you want him/her there it does take some getting used to. -At least that is what they are saying- I haven't done this before. So frankly I'm a little nervous about it. I know it's still two full months away (two months and a few weeks, and probably some extra days thrown in there), but I have gotten used to living alone, so even though I will be over the moon to have Kyle home, it still will be new and there will be a transition time.


That will be me in a few short months!


  1. There is a definite readjustment period for both of you. You have to learn to live with someone. He has to adjust to life at home. Both of you will have new habits and little things that you do that will be foreign to each other.

    Readjustment is tough. It's stressful. And you will fight it out sometimes. But just remember, you can make it through it. You two will come out the other side stronger. If you can make it through a deployment, you can make it through anything.

    A lot of people act like readjustment is all sunshine and rainbows, but don't be surprised if it's actually quite hard and stressful.

    You two will make it through just fine... I'm sure of it. :)

  2. I'm nervous too. I have twentysomething days left....I am so excited...excited out of mind. But also kinda nervous!

  3. It will be alright. I know that it will be an adjustment, but you guys missing each other so much you will work through it. It is all apart of marriage.
    Love the new look of the blog.

  4. I didn't really find my husband's homecoming very stressful. But also weren't married or living together at the time, so I guess it's different. But when we did start living together, I was more than happy about it. I guess I'm just a little clingy haha :) I'm sure you'll both handle it just fine. Have you two lived together prior to you getting married?

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  6. I always feel sick on the day he comes home. After 4 year long deployments, it's never changed. It's such a long time to be away from someone and there's always that period of readjustment. Commitment is the key!