Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Post Series: Drug of the Day

Hey everyone.

As most of you know my new ER job has monopolized my time. In the short time I have spent there I have been exposed to so many new and different things that I have never seen before on the inpatient unit. I was thinking today that I need to figure out a way to "iron out" some of the rusty spots of my nursing practice. Some small thing I can do to give myself an edge, to make my training solidify that much more. One thing IMMEDIATELY jumped into my head.


I have always struggled with medications. How each one works, why it works, what it does, what the SIDE EFFECTS are. I always find myself running to the drug book to look up stuff before I go into a patients room, thus wasting time. That's not going to fly in the ED. So I have decided to spend a short time 4-5 days a week to read up on a drug. I am going to start with the drugs I most commonly use then branch out. If I give a drug during a shift at work I am unfamiliar with, I will review that as well (obviously). The obvious choice for me was to work this into my blog. So several times a week you will be seeing a "Drug of the Day" post on Little Rhody Girl. For those of you in Nursing, I hope you find this helpful, for those of you that are not, feel free to ignore these posts completely.

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