Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moving Out

So sitting in class today I was thinking about all of the stuff that is getting crammed into my head since I started this Emergency Transition Program. I need a place to vent this out, a place to bitch about nursing, which up to this point has been this blog.

But I don't want Little Rhody Girl to get any bad Juju from my job. Little Rhody Girl is for the fun things in my life, my hobbies, my cooking, about the things I do AFTER I come home and take the scrubs off. That is the main reason why I rarely post about work on the blog. Frankly When I left my job I wanted to be done with it. With this new ER job I find myself more motivated to post about what I am doing and how I am liking it, frankly because I am excited about it!

The clear choice was to start a second blog. So that's what I did.

Little Rhody Girl will still be my main baby, SaRa's emergeNcy Blog is an experiment, if I like it, it will stay around. If not...well you know the drill.

I have learned from past experiences to keep work and play separate, so all of my posts about nursing are being packed up and shipped to the other blog, where they will stay.

If you want to follow my Nursing Blog feel free to use the link above my profile in the top right hand corner of the screen or just Click Here

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