Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Plants!

Today I spend the first half of my day gardening. If you have been keeping track of my Deployment Goals you know that one of them was to get plants for every room in my house, well now that's done! I really only needed to get two more, one for our bedroom and one for our office. I also got new petunias for my window boxes and I invested in some plastic containers for my herbs. Here are some photos of what I got.


The "money tree" - seriously that's what it's called. I loved the way the trunk was braided. this is next to kyle's bureau in our room.


My Ivy plant (my mother told me the name of the plant but it escapes me now). Anyway it's neat looking huh? This is on a bookshelf in our office.


Herb Container #1 Chives, Basil and Oregano


Herb Container #2 Mint, Rosemary and OH NO!!! ATTACK OF THE PARSLEY!!!!


Ultra Blue Petunias

1 comment:

  1. I really want some house plants, but with us moving so soon it's not really worth it.

    I will let you know, you'll have to watch that mint, it will take over!