Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas and Halloween Together at last

I am starting Christmas planning early this year. Earlier then I have ever IMAGINED doing it in the past. Mostly because most of my gift giving this year will be home made and thus needs advance planning.

I want to make my own christmas cards this year and tonight I went to see if Michaels had any supplies out already.

I guess the retail industry is as early as I am...



snowflake clippies!

I also bought my halloween costume tonight. I am going to a halloween party friday night and I decided to go as a Geisha. It is a little shorter then I have worn in the past so I am going to have to be very "aware" of when I sit and when I bend over. But I look damn good in it! I'll post a picture of me in it this weekend :-)

What are you guys being for Halloween?


  1. I'm going to be a gothic rag doll this year. I was a hippie last year, so I wanted something dark this year :)

  2. I thought about making my own Christmas cards too, but I think it will be more expensive than just buying some... I'm cheap like that, Haha :)

  3. Omg, I am also being a Geisha!!! I am actually borrowing a friend's old costume because I just couldn't afford to spend $60 on a costume this year. I really wanted to be Hermione Granger, but the Geisha will do. We'll have to compare! haha

  4. Have fun!! :)

    And enjoy making your own Christmas cards... we do so every year and it is such a treat. :)

  5. I am going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. My mom helped me make my costume.
    I can not wait for Christmas. I was thinking about making my own cards as well. I always make one for my mom. I think that she puts them in my baby book.