Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photoshop, I love you

I am in week two of my photography class at and today I bought a tutorial book on Photoshop Elements 7 to get better acquainted with the program. I bought a copy of PE7 on a friends recommendation and as soon as a installed the program and clicked around the full editor interface for about two seconds, my head exploded. That program is jam PACKED with tools to tweak anything and everything, a guide through this abyss of photographic freedom is absolutely essential. I am looking forward to using this program to it's full potential.

Just for example, look at my instant magic wand! (called "healing brush" in PE7)


Yes, tragic I know, Zits on the Wedding Day. I broke out two days before. Don't feel badly, I was too deliriously happy to care, but take a look at THIS!

::fist pump::

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  1. Great job! Glad that you're enjoying your class and it's going well :)