Friday, October 9, 2009

Excuse me While I smash my Head in this Wall

During a break from my Trauma class today I was sitting on the outside stairs leading into the hospital soaking up the SoCal Sunshine chit-chatting with some fellow nursey co-workers when this happened.

"So -what's his face- is going to pick up my daughter today."

"What, that's your nickname for your husband? You call him what's his face? Not worth
remembering his name huh?" -snickers-

"Ha ha...yeah. Hey Sara, I guess you could call your husband that too, since you never see him."


I resisted the temptation to cause some her some trauma (after all we could have used it as an example for class)

People's Idiocy Astounds me sometimes....

"I'm sorry don't you mean Thank you for you and your Husbands service to our country without which I wouldn't be able to live the way I do and our America as we know it wouldn't exist? That's what I thought.

by the're welcome..."


  1. Wow...that is totally ridiculous. People amaze me.

  2. i hope you really told her that!

  3. People say the stupidest things to us when our husbands are deployed.

    I wish I had had the guts to tell them exactly what I thought in the moment.

    Just remember, as a military wife, you are among some of the best people in the world. And your husband is doing a job that others should be proud of and thankful for, even if they don't realize it.

  4. Wow, how nice that people think it's a joke that military wives/girlfriends/etc don't get to see their significant other all the time like regular people. GAH!