Monday, October 26, 2009

My Photos

I started taking photos serisouly in August of 2009 when I came into possession of a New Camera. I am taking photography classes online and I am really loving what I am coming up with so far. I use Photoshop Elements for editing which I am still trying to learn my way around. Please visit my flickr photostream and feel free to leave comments!

Some examples of my work





In the spring I am hoping to start scheduling some free sessions to expand my portfolio. Maybe in a few years I might make some money off of these photos!
See you on the other side of the lens!


  1. Aaaahhh I want a nice camera SOOOO badly.

  2. Great pictures!! I am dying to get into photography myself!! After we have our credit cards paid off I'm hoping to save up for a nice camera, so hopefully I can have one by this time next year! :)

  3. Sara, my sister, Marianne Gibson (Jarad Gibson's mother) forwarded your blog to me. I also am interested in photography. The majority of shots that I take are sports related. I can give you some great reading suggestions. Brian Peterson's Understanding Exposure and Understanding Shutter Speed. Also, check out The Digital Photography Book written by Scott Kelby. Kelby actually has a series of books, he is not a photographer but has a strong background in CS. He gives great suggestions and easy to understand language. Finally, and I have not purchased this book yet but it is highly recommended on Amazon is Best Business Practices for Photographers. Interesting enough, my wife is also a nurse. Good luck with your profession and photography.