Monday, April 19, 2010

Bing! You are now free to move about the country

I just booked three airline flights this morning! The first was my flight home in June; I'm happy because the timing worked that I will be able to be there to be a bridesmaid in a wedding AND see my brother graduate from high school during the same trip! YES!! Mainly I am just stoked to get home and spend some time with my family. The other flights I booked were for me and the hubs to get to Iowa over the 4th of July for another wedding (one of my good friends from high school). I was also supposed to be a bridesmaid in her wedding but I wasn't sure I would be able to get there so I decided to tell her no way back in November. Now it works out that I can go and I am excited about it!

All the flights were booked on Southwest; man airfare has gotten EXPENSIVE over the last year. I still love me some southwest though because my rapid reward paid for my entire ticked for RI (a savings of roughly $500). But our flights to Iowa were over $200 each way eeek!

anyway enough of my rambling. It's just seems like that 4 week span will be filled with many hours of TSA employees, long lines, and airport food......yay......


  1. When will you be home in June? I might go up and visit.

  2. Well.. if you cant be here in august we will get together in July bc I will need to see you!