Monday, April 5, 2010

Movin' and Shakin'

This morning I was sleeping in my bed minding my own business when my Mother called me in a frenzy at 6 am.


haha yeah I am fine (as well as everyone else that I know in San Diego). The epicenter of the Earthquake Sunday happened in Baja, which is a few hundred miles away from us. The fact that we did feel it just tells you how major this earthquake was.

Better yet, I was at work when it happened.

I was leaning against the nurse's station talking with another nurse when I felt my arm slip, no wait, the whole counter was slipping!! Commence freak out among the patients; I'm thinking "holy sh*t what am I going to do with all of these sick people! How can I keep them/me safe?" By that time I was taking a few steps and I felt the same way I did when I was on Kyle's battleship last month when it was going full speed ahead, the whole floor was shaking like waves! It lasted almost a full minute. CRAZY! But everyone is fine, nothing even fell off the open supply carts. No biggie. =) One of the ER MD's (whom I LOVE) calmed us down a lot "Don't worry....calm down you're O.K. It's no big deal. If you're worried just brace yourself against a counter. (By the way if YOU are ever in an earthquake DO NOT go into a door frame, BAD idea. You should crouch next to something taller than you ex. a bed or a couch. That way if the ceiling above you collapses it will hit the couch (or bed) and angle out, keeping you safe by forming The triangle of survival.)

It was kinda fun (when it was OVER). It was the first earthquake I ever felt. I guess I can officially call myself a Californian now!

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