Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite App Friday

I have an iphone, and I don't pretend to hide the fact that I think the invention of the iphone ranks up there with the wheel. I serisously DO NOT know how I got along without it. It was a good day in my life after I got married and combined phone lines with my husband and he bought one for me!

I am constantly on the look out for new apps to add to the MANY that I have. So I have decided to start a weekly discussion of the apps I already have, then maybe I might be able to get you guys talking and recommending other apps that would be useful for me (and other Little Rhody Girl followers).

So here it is! The First EVER favorite app Friday!

Today's edition is on my most recent Purchase, MLB At Bat 2010.

This app was an answered prayer when I was wondering how I was going to follow my Boston Red Sox this season. Last year I tried (and failed) to get on the computer for each game that I could and caught I think 2 or 3 games on ESPN. NOT O.K.

enter At Bat 2010.

This app is a direct link to's gameday network, allowing you to follow ANY and ALL of the games currently in play and the schedule for upcomming games. It streams live commentary for the games while they happen and subscribers can watch the games as they happen (people like me can watch highlights but all I need is the radio feed). And I am talking about ALL of the MLB team from both Leagues. It also has streaming news, stats, and team rosters.

Here's a screenshot

as you can see the person who took this screen shot is also a red sox fan (haha). So this is the main page showing you all of the games in the schedule for that day and all of these games are currently in play, selecting a game brings up gameplay(TM) where you can watch play by play action and connect to the streaming feeds of talk radio and streaming video.

At 14.99 this is the most expensive app I have ever purchased (well I had an iTunes gift card so I guess I didn't really pay for it); but in my opinion what you get for the $$ is well worth it. It gives my a much desired connection to my home team, and it makes me smile to hear commercials for New England companies during game breaks =)

Any baseball fan with an iphone should consider taking the plunge for this app. they do have a free version but it is quite limited. If anyone tries that let me know how it is!
GO SOX!!!!!!

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