Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey all, It's Monday; and Little Rhody Girl is on call until 7 tonight.

I HATE being on call, basically work can call me anytime today until 7 and I have to drop everything and get to work. I hate the feeling of waiting all day for the phone to ring, and jump every time it does! So far nothing yet but that doesn't mean squat, I'm not safe until around 4pm, because by then it doesn't benefit them at all to call me in and pay me time and a half for 2ish hours.

At least I get paid to be on call, so if they don't call me I still make 60 bucks to be at home!

So today I have a boring day planned inside/running errands (with a pair of scrubs in the car of course!) I need to get some craft time in today (making something for someone who may or may not be graduating from High school in a few months....)

in other news....

I FINISHED THE C25K YESTERDAY!!!!!!! I ran with my hubs for the first time and it was really enjoyable. I might even say fun? yes I can say fun. I was a little worried because I am REALLY competitive and since Kyle has been running for years compared to my 4 months I knew he could wipe the floor with me! But he let me set the pace and ran with me the whole time; how motivating! I can now run 3 miles at a 10 min mile pace. YES!!!!!!

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