Friday, April 2, 2010

I think someone turned on my biological clock

I have been dreaming a lot about babies lately... babies...babies that I don't have yet, nor want to have yet. So whats with all the day dreaming and such?

I was discussing this with Kyle tonight over dinner after he almost spit out his wine and I told him that I really don't feel that I am ready to have a baby yet, mostly for one hundred reasons

1) When I have a child, I want to be able to be home with them when they are small. I am very anti-daycare if I can swing being home with my child instead.

The funny thing is is that I used to be completely the other way around. I used to judge stay at home moms endlessly for their apparent "laziness" or "lack of motivation" to work, wow, how wrong I was.... Now I really want to have that opportunity to be home with my child (at least most of the time, thankfully my job is such that I can work 2-3 days a month fairly easy, when I am ready)

I want more time at work. I want to figure out where my niche is in nursing before I put my career on the back burner for mommy-hood. But still the dreams come....

It appears that someone has turned on my biological clock without asking me ;-)

1 comment:

  1. I am in the same place. Great idea, I can't wait to start...but SO not ready yet. I'm ready to be ready, if that makes sense :) I just have a lot I want to do first!

    The weird dreams are the ones where you wake up rubbing your tummy, haha!