Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Revisited.

I am working this weekend; and unfortunately Easter for me this year hasn't been at the fore-front of the table. I have no small kids and have no desire to eat chocolate bunnies or dig through plastic grass. I'm not going to dye eggs and I don't even have the ability to cook an Easter ham. It's even more difficult because for the past year Kyle and I have had a lot of difficulty settling into a church family here in San Diego. As two people who have grown up in very strong Christian houses, it's really a foreign concept for me to admit that even if I wasn't working this Sunday, we really wouldn't have anywhere to go for service that really feel like home. But this is a topic for another post.

Part of me is sad that I won't have the opportunity to take part in some of these Easter traditions, but another part of me is really thankful for this time to avoid the distraction of all of the "stuff" that really has nothing to do with what Easter really means. The mourning of Christ's death and the celebration of his Resurrection. He died so we could live, that's incredible stuff.

Much better than a cadebury egg in my opinion (and I'm a girl that LOVES my cadebury eggs)

So when you are searching through your plastic eggs and tearing though your Easter basket, take pause and remember what this holiday really represents; the greatest gift that was ever given happened this weekend; Christ's death on the cross, for US.

I don't live near a Hobby Lobby (DAMN) but this store not only is Ah-mazing (according to my buddies that live near one); but they are also a company that is deeply rooted in Christian faith. Each year for Christmas and Easter they take out a full page ad in each newspaper in which they advertise. Here is the one for this year.


Something to meditate on....

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