Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for a new routine

So since I have finished with the couch to 5k running plan I have decided that I need to start to incorporate more strength training into my workout routine. I want to keep up with the running but I need to start lifting weights again too.

The thing is I actually LIKE to lift weights. I mean free weights, dumbbells and barbells. This comes from my dad and my brother (both heavy weight lifters) I am usually one of the few (if not the only) woman over there when I used to lift in the gym. But when I started the couch to 5k it became all consuming and I stopped weight lifting entirely.

I got this book to help get me going again

This book has been really useful for me to help do my weekly workout planning (I have in my young adulthood become a very type-A listy type. I meal plan I plan my workouts I have lists for everything!). Cindy has about 20 different workouts divided by muscle groups that are designed for muscle toning that is specific to a woman's body. She also has included nifty sections on diet and determine your individual body type. I saw her other book on Amazon used for a good price so I picked that up too.

Today's workout

30 min run (treadmill. with 5 min warm-up and cool down)

*Legs* 15 reps of each exercise From 101 Ways to work out with weights
Bullet Squats - Quads
Bridge and Scoop - Hamstrings
Donkey Kicks - Glutes
Inner Thigh raises - thighs
Side plank raises - outer thighs

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