Thursday, April 22, 2010


Do you guys watch Glee Tuesday nights on fox? Well I do AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

I saw previews for it over the summer on TV and at first I wrote it off as another High School Musical type thing (don't get me wrong I liked the HSM movies but they were just so....pre-teen I guess. I'm about 10 years too old for that :-). But I decided to TiVO it anyway to check it out and I have been hooked ever since.

It's basically the story of a Glee club that originally is filled with all of the typical High School misfits and outcasts (I mean every stereotype that can exist people, it's in there) but then a member of the football team joins, then some of his buddies join, then some cheerleaders join! (ah if only High School really operated that way.....) There is a VERY healthy rivalry between the Glee Club coach and the Cheerleading coach, (the banter between them is always funny!) and the singing is phenomenal! I mean exceptional, they sing show choir covers of a lot of fantastic songs.

This is one of my favorite songs from last fall (of course I DO LOVE queen anyway...)

It's a really fun show to watch, not quite guilty pleasure level (like something you don't tell your friends you actually watch 16 and pregnant); I'd love to talk to you ladies that do watch it and hear what your favorite songs are from the show and who your favorite character is.

I like to look at Matthew Morrison, who plays do gooder Spanish Teacher/Glee Coach Will Shuester

Gotta love a Man who can sing!


  1. I LOVE Glee!!! I got the sound track for Christmas and I sing along int he car all the time. My special needs drama students wrote a Glee parody for our spring show so we're doing Don't Stop Believing and Somebody to Love. :-)

  2. Hey! Long time reader (Leanne showed me your page), first time writer. I love blasting "Bust Your Windows" while driving. It's very satisfying while driving with Mass-holes :)Also, the latest Madonna episode was amazing and they're re-airing it tonight.