Friday, July 24, 2009

Me Me!

So Kim B over at J and K, a journey has tagged me with the MeMe award. I have to therefore reveal 7 truths of myself then tag 7 other people to do the same.

so here, we, go!

1) I have Island syndrome - I was born and raised on a 11 mile island in Rhode Island (actually the Island part of Rhode Island). People are born, live and die on that island, these are "islanders". If you need to cross the bridge to get somewhere, they freak out (you need to pack a lunch if your are going that far). They run to the store for eggs and toilet paper at the first mention of a storm. They know every one's business, they have been there since their great great great great great grand-dad stepped off the boat from the old country. Now I wouldn't call myself this kind of Islander, but I have noticed that I since I moved to a big city that is literally sardine packed full of people I have realized that I miss that islander lifestyle.

2) When I am alone driving, I turn the music up and sing in the car- this includes getting down with my bad self during red lights

3) I love my cats, a lot, but I want to get a dog someday. I would love to have a dog to walk and play fetch with. I either want a lab, a westie, or a dachshund.

4) I am a Nurse, sometimes I wonder why.

5) I love my husband, but the fact that he is in the Navy sometimes really pisses me off

6) I am a slave to labels, coach, LV, Tiffany's. But I never justify spending that much on a purse or a necklace (I should say never used to, since I have plans of getting a coach in the next couple of weeks)

7) I sometimes resent the "adult" that I rushed to become, married, full time job, only 22 years old. I sometimes feel jealous of all the friends I went to college with who are still just hanging out, I don't have time to hang out, I have to go to work.....booo

So I tag

1) Haley @ Cape Cod Love
2) Ashley @ pink-ture perfect
3) Christy @ A little piece of heaven
4) The Queen! @ Quotes from the Queen
5) Erin @ Deployment Woes
6) Marissa @ A Burning Heart's Flame
7) Leanne @ Life on the Plywood Stage

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